Reduce Your Herpes Outbreaks!

100% Natural Ingredients!

Finally, there’s a real solution for the millions who suffer from genital herpes and oral herpes (cold sores).

We’ve combined SIXTEEN of the most researched and proven herpes attackers in a single formula — for around what you’d pay for just one or two of our high-quality ingredients. And just a fraction of the cost of expensive prescriptions!

Guaranteed to work faster and better than anything you can buy, prescription or non-prescription. Click the “Ingredients & Research” tab to read the CLINICAL DATA! We have a 97.2% success rate!

Like nothing else you can buy: attacks the virus three ways!

No two people’s immune systems are alike. That’s why no single active ingredient works for everybody — and why Herpaflör® is so different.

Some Herpaflör® ingredients have proven to penetrate and attack the herpes virus in vitro. Others inhibit replication and spreading. Still others have even shown an ability to suppress future outbreaks. Together, they’re unlike any other formula you can buy — in a store, online, anywhere! There is no cure for Herpes, however Herpaflor is the next best choice and attacks the virus on contact sending it back into remission.

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Immediate relief from pain and inflammation.

In addition to attacking the virus, several of the natural ingredients in Herpaflör® immediately begin reducing pain and inflammation — without chemicals! Others accelerate the healing process. Unlike some prescription medications, Herpaflör® is designed to be more than a virucide; it mitigates pain and inflammation as well!

The Herpaflör® difference: ingredients, volume, potency, formulation.

In fighting herpes, choosing the right weapons is critical. And of course, there are many that simply don’t work. In fact, you may have tried some of these fake “cures”.

Though the formulation of Herpaflör® is quite complex, the idea behind it is simple: take all the compounds best known to inhibit or attack the herpes virus, concentrate them in their most potent form, and combine them in a single bottle.

But the ingredients are only part of the story. The volume, potency and formulation of the active ingredients are also critical!

Herpaflör® works, or you don’t pay! 30 Day FULL REFUND Guarantee
Don’t be fooled by cheap, low-potency imitations!

Others merely combine ineffective amounts, potencies or formulations of many ingredients so they can market their products as containing these substances!

But we use top-quality and costly ingredients in Herpaflör®. We employ complex, proprietary formulation methods, including dual-solvent extraction, multiple infusion, advanced emulsification processes and other painstaking means to achieve the highest possible potency and effectiveness. Remember: it’s not just what’s in a supplement, it’s how it’s made that determines whether it will work as promised!

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