For daily maintenance.
A 30-day supply is billed and shipped to you. 100% money-back guarantee!   

Price: $19.95

Herpaflor Topical Fluid

For use on skin as needed.

Price: $29.95

For use as needed, for up to 7 days.

(Tablets not recommended for women who are nursing or pregnant, or for children under 12)  

Price: $29.95

SAVE $10! Herpaflor Topical + Herpaflor Tablets.  

Price: $45.95

Well send you both Herpaflor Tablets and Herpaflor Topical Formula for only $49.95 (save $10), plus a FREE 30-day supply of Herpaflor Daily (reg. $19.95). You pay only $49.95 plus a single shipping charge: a total savings of over $30!

After that, Herpaflor Daily will be billed and shipped to you automatically every 30 days, for daily maintenance. You can cancel anytime.

100% money-back guarantee on ALL Herpaflor products! Herpaflor Tablets (reg. $29.95) Herpaflor Topical (reg. $29.95) Herpaflor Daily (reg. $19.95 per month)


Price: $45.95

To our loyal customers: we have been advised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of regulatory requirements that affect the marketing of products such as Herpaflor. You will notice we can no longer provide descriptions of our products, or make any health claims for them.

The issue is the marketing of products, not their safety, so please do not be concerned.

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As always, we continue to honor our money-back guarantee.